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His birthday is 12 February. He was once called the country of passion where the sun never sets. Spain has a cheerful and a passionate personality. He is  magnanimous but can be very dim-witted at times. It's easy to run circles around him. He is completely unable to read situations-- he doesn't even try.

Spain is the type never gives up and can be very reckless but he thinks it's only because he is burning with passion. He tides himself through difficult situations with Spanish optimism. His personality is bright, loves people, and has a country-bumpkin-like atmosphere everywhere. His dishes are TOMATOES TOMATOES TOMATOES! And sweets that aren't really that sweet.  He is the type that randomly comes by to hear about the content of a book he's not really interested in. He has no shame when it comes to perverted things, I guess. He's also pretty awful at telling stories.

He used to be in really high spirits but in a short time he was beaten down by England and Holland. He has walked through a pitiful history of being knocked down from his seat of a major power by the newcomer America he was going after and showed of by the surrounding major powers. He became related to the same Habsburg family with Austria through arranged marriage. Spain got appointed with the older brother. He has an undesirable but inseparable relationship with France. Pierre #1 is for communication with Spain. He has an abnormal affection for Romano in which he spoiled him terribly but was strict on his other colonies. This relationship ended completely in with the War of the Spanish Succession.

He likes to go at his own pace. When he drinks wine, he becomes sentimental. When he is drunk he can become frightening enough to change Sweden's facial expression. It is best to keep away from him when he is like that-- he won't be mad at you for keeping your distance. If he were to drink with England and Germany, it would get chaotic. Despite his passionate demeanour, he has a mysterious aura of light and darkness. His dark side is described as being like Russia's. He does what he wants, how he wants, when he wants.

 Physically, he is described as having a clear cut and very Spanish appearance. His hair is uncouth but very stylish. Spain doesn't really pay attention to his hair. He appears to be 25 physically. Unlike France and Prussia, he does not have a canon height but he's at least several tomatoes high. He used to have longer hair when he was younger. He has many ways of saying no.

He dislikes dwelling on problems. Instead of stressing out over things he can't fix, he changes his mind to more carefree things.

He was bad at managing his money. Whenever he came home, he ended up spending all of his money. He didn't understand that saving money was just as important as spending it. At least he knows now even though he still needs help managing it.
If Spain can be polite. Even if he isn't interested in something, if you are proud enough to want to show it off, Spain will compliment it. His compliments can be a little unusual. Snacks are important. 

If he is really interested in something, he becomes very excited. He also can't say no to a request.
He watches football with his friends. Watching football on tv is an acceptable date.

Spanish horror movies are traumatizing psychological horrors. He doesn't appear to be bothered by them and gladly recommends them.

When he watches movies, he gives live commentary
Battle of Cerignola / Battle of Gaigliano.
"I can't let France expand anymore than this!"

. The Spanish army led by Gonzalo Fernandez de Cordoba was ill equipped compared to the French but the tactical victories managed to drive France out of Naples.

In the 16th century, Spain threw a lot of resources at South Italy and did some remodeling. He fixed the winding alleys and townscape and carried our urban reform. The results of this massive remodeling can still be seen in Naples today. Naples has a bit of a garbage problem today... you could say someone was never very good at keeping his room clean.

Spain built museums and galleries in the areas he controlled. There was a lot of emphasis on culture. 
Though initially excited to win South Italy, his confidence soon wavered while raising Romano. Unlike his cute brother, Romano almost wasn't cute at all! He was considered a brat. Though he wanted to trade Romano for his brother, he refused to give South Italy to France. No way, France! Spain learned to appreciate Romano for who he was.

He tried to teach Spanish but Romano found Spanish difficult. Spain became frustrated when Belgium was able to coax Romano into speaking Spanish. He didn't understand why Romano would speak for Belgium but not for him!

Even though Romano was supposed to be Spain's henchman, Spain ended up doing most of his work for him. Spain cleaned house and repaired Romano's clothes. Spain often forgot to take care of himself though.

Belgium and Netherlands also lived with them. His relationship with Belgium appears to be positive but Netherlands avoided Spain.

He's been fighting wars since at least the 16th century when he fought over South Italy with France. He's fought France at least twice and the Ottoman empire at least once in canon. When he fought with France, he showed that he was aware of his disadvantages in battle. He still kept fighting his hardest though. Despite his unfortunate relationship with France, Spain appears to be respect him as a rival. The finishing blow in the Battle of Gaigliano was Spain's bull.

Spain is portrayed as a loyal and reliable ally, albeit, one that has a few comments of his own. He appears to go along with orders, even if he doesn't really agree or approve of them. He becomes apologetic when he has to fight old friends but he still doesn't hold back. He never really holds back when it comes to a fight, even if it means digging a deeper whole for himself. In battle, he can be won over by sentimentality.

He is shown wearing different types of armor over the centuries. His signature weapon is a halberd but he's been drawn with a sword a few times too.
Spain holds ridiculous grudges and can actually be a huge jerk.

When the Great Depression happened, he called out Cuba and condemned America to Hell. Most likely a reference to the Spanish-American War. In the future, Spain still gets at America by kicking him in the back of the knees. Unfortunately, America has been working out.

Provided Spain's miserable past with England and his pattern for holding grudges, it isn't surprising that he wants to beat up England still.  While he was being beat up in the past, he wanted to keep it a secret from Romano. Losing to England, who was still a rising kingdom, is a sore topic for him.

His history with Netherlands, however, seems to be friendly (albeit, fairly one sided on Spain's half). Spain appears to get along very well with Netherlands though Netherlands appears to want little to do with him.

During the War of Austrian Succession, Spain was allied with Prussia despite being okay with Austria. He joined them because of unfortunate circumstances with France. The circumstance mentioned is the Bourbon Pact between Spain and France as well as Spain's poor economic situation as a result of his own succession war.

During the war, Spain kept forces busy in Italy. He sent Austria a message apologizing for the circumstances before meeting him in battle. He captured and tied up Italy but let him go. Austria said Spain was too incompetent to kill. His idea of heaven was both Italies living under his roof. When Italy chose Austria over him, he forfeited the battle, saying he was happy for them, but he cried after.

Spain comes off as fairly honorable. He wants to return Austria to his army and he gets mad at France for pillaging the losers. 

In the 7 Years War, Spain is with France still. Spain hopes there won't be a war but then becomes incredibly surprised when Austria asks France for help.

He doesn't think twice about keeping and naming things. Maybe it's an old habit that he can't let go… He used to be very troublesome, especially in Italian history.Either he think he's a very likable person or he's a turtle whisperer. He assumes people like and want to be with him. While certainly confident and possibly coming off as full of himself, affection can make him blush. He's so humble. His cheer up charm may or may not actually work. He extends his arms, smiles, and says fusosososo. In the process, he radiates a dumb aura cheerful energy.
Spain is easily tricked into doing April Fool's hijinks. He was oblivious to the events of April Fool's 2007 and appears to be rather scandalized when he learns about what France did. He takes Austria's advice and lies for April Fool's. Btw he can peel apples perfectly.

When France tells him his news stories are coming true, he doubts it at first because it is April Fool's but he becomes easily convinced in a short period of time. Spain panics when he realizes the trouble he's caused and he willingly does everything to make things right-- even strip completely naked as requested by France. Even France remarks that Spain agreed quickly. Spain shows concern for Romano.

In the end, Spain was the one who was actually pranked. Spain has no regrets about stripping because he did it to stop the tomato from attacking Madrid. He slowly realized he was fooled.
Spain follows Prussia back on his blog (twitter?). He says he likes the beach and he cheers Prussia on in a race against America. After Prussia is dared to England's cooking, Spain says his final words. He mentions having a lot of debts to pay back. Spain is "seriously relieved" when Prussia survives.

Spain did not participate in April Fool's 2010.

Maybe he was still tired from the previous year or maybe he was getting ready for the next one…
For 2011, Spain returned to participate in April Fool's. He shamelessly wears rabbit ears and a stripper's outfit. He eats tomatoes with marmite??? Everyone else is forced to wear embarrassing clothes and props because they are being blackmailed with embarrassing photos. Unknown to the others, Spain is the mastermind of this event.

Unfortunately, France told everyone to meet at the wrong place so Spain waited with Romano without anyone ever showing up. Finally, Spain went to investigate and was super pissed to find out they were in the wrong place. France was Spain's accomplice and was in charge of writing the letters and having Picardy take embarrassing photos. Spain's plan was actually rather innocent-- France was the one who took it to the next level.

Spain actually isn't a very good prankster-- he just wanted to take fun photos withe everyone.
It is mentioned that Netherlands beat up Spain and declared independence. Belgium stayed with Spain at the time. When France is lonely, he visits Spain. 

Halloween 2011.
The Tomato Gang dress up as characters from Little Red Riding Hood. Grandmano is cute (and not scary at all). He announces to everyone that he has an ace up his sleeve and appears confident about winning the contest.

Netherlands and Spain agree to meet for Christmas. Netherlands doesn't appear to enjoy Spain's company but Spain doesn't seem to notice.

Spain has a genius idea to make Netherlands a Christmas tree so they can take a picture. When Netherlands says it's stupid, Spain shrugs it off for a better idea (see: Dutch Reindeer). Next year, Netherlands actually dressed up like a reindeer and dragged Spain to the Christmas event.

Despite being unable to read situations, Spain figures out something isn't right and that they are in danger. Spain tries to protect Netherlands.

Luexembourg refers to Spain with terms of affection just like Netherlands, France, and Belgium.
Spain likes to spend time with friends. When a friend is working hard, he wants to give them a cheer up charm. It's rare for him to arrive to an event on time.

While being dragged by Netherlands, he lost his pants and trunks?! Spain was embarrassed about it at first until Switzerland mentioned Spain's coat covered him well. It was still very awkward though.

He has a lot of fun at the event with various nations-- Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Seychelles, etc. Cuba says he and Spain get along very well lately... and then he teases Spain.

Spain senses that they are being watched and he's pretty spot on about the circumstances.

Spain is very friendly and enthusiastic when meeting new people. He gets very excited and considers them to be a friend. He likes to be around friends and seems to dislike not having any around.Spain has worked at a café. It appears to have been unpopular as he didn't get many customers. In a German simulation, he's a friendly but easily distracted worker.

On Himaruya's blog, Spain was a pseudo-salesman promoting Volume 3.
Joanna "the Mad" asks about South Italy's progress. He is also scolded by two different (?) people in regards to his careless control of South Italy. It looks like his superiors are often checking in on or scolding him.

Spain fights along side his soldiers.

During Franco's regime, Spain was stuck making 500 paper roses. He was extremely poor and miserable during this time.
His economic history comes up quite a bit. He can't seem to manage money and is always in a rather poor situation. Spain's economy was bad and he was very sick in the 1990s.

His economy improved though and he became one of the best performing in the EU. Spain is a King Trapped in Poverty. He is still very optimistic and sings songs for Germany when he sees him working with these problems.

(obviously this is a very old strip)
America defeated him in the Spanish-American War. It destroyed his empire for good. America also spread his Depression to Spain. Spain kicks America in the back of the knees and makes passive aggressive calls at him.

Spain and Austria were married under the Habsburg dynasty. Spain was anxious when Austria and France fought. During their union, Austria gave Spain control over South Italy. He was very reliable and loyal to Austria, though, Spain thought Austria had a lot of enemies. Their personalities were very different; Austria often seemed fed up with Spain. Still, in the Austrian Succession War, Spain was sorry to fight him and in the present, Spain helps Austria make flowers. It might not have been a perfect match but they probably still got along while they were together.

Belgium worked for Spain. She got along with Spain better than her brother did and this caused problems for them. They have a positive relationship and Spain appears in several comic strips with her. It looks like she helped him and took and interest in Romano's progress. In the Boss CD, Spain helps Belgium with laundry and with Romano. They enjoyed friendly meals together, as well, including the churros that he and Romano made together.

Cuba and Spain don't interact very often in canon. Cuba was one of Spain's last colonies and he lost control over Cuba when America butted in. Spain passive-aggressively called Cuba's name during the Great Depression strip. Christmas 2011 revealed that the two of them get along very well. It looks like Cuba teases Spain though, possibly to give him a hard time.

England sucks. He tormented Spain and beat him up quite a bit. They tend to be on opposite sides in wars. His cooking sucks and his tourists cause problems when they visit Spain. Whenever someone eats England's food, Spain acts like they are going to die. With his dying breath, he wishes to beat up England one last time.

Monaco was a member of Spain's household in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Spain kept doing her unwanted favors, though, and their relationship eventually grew sour. It looks like Monaco left Spain for France.

Netherlands was one of the nations that beat up Spain in the past. Despite this, the two appear to get along in present times. They hang out together (often with Belgium and Romano). Netherlands seems to have an unwanted relationship with Spain, which Spain is oblivious too.

Even though Austria controlled North Italy, he and Spain appear to have a good relationship.Italy refers to Spain as "Big Brother" and Spain refers to Italy affectionally (Ita-Chan, in Japanese). Spain's affection for Italy was so strong, he asked Italy and his brother to marry him. Spain used to compare Romano to Italy, thinking Italy was cuter and more well behaved. He wanted to control both of the Italies but when Italy chose Austria over him, he gave up (albeit, sadly). Spain tries to look out for him.

Spain has an abnormal affection for South Italy. The two appear together in several strips. Initially, Spain was glad to have Romano until he learned Romano was lazy and rude. He tried to trade Romano fro his brother but to no avail. When he thought he hurt Romano's feelings carelessly, he tried to understand him more. He came to find Romano very cute and they became close. He asked Romano to marry him and was upset when Romano didn't say yes. They watch soccer together and appear to visit each other often. He enjoys teasing Romano like when his voice changed.

Turkey is a jerk that tried to take Romano away from Spain. Spain smashed a bull through Turkey's house. 

Overall, Spain appears to get along with many of the nations. Whether or not they get along with him is a different matter.

Consisting of France, Prussia, and Spain, the three of them became a trio during the Austrian Succession War. Spain has known France longer. It appears the Austrian Succession War was probably the first time they really met? If that is the case then France introduced them when he dragged Spain into the war via Bourbon Pact.

His relationship with France is unwanted but they can't escape each other. They fight a lot but that is probably how they get along because they appear to be friends in several strips. France often takes advantage of Spain's oblivious nature and tricks him into causing trouble for others. Spain doesn't approve of France's behavior but is often not in a situation to stop France. In the Counting Sheep CD, Spain and France try to help each other sleep.

There actually isn't a lot of information with Spain and Prussia. They spend time together and Spain follows Prussia's blog. Spain says he owes Prussia many debts. He is sad when Prussia eats England's food because he thinks Prussia is going to die. He is seriously relieved when Prussia survives. Spain cheers Prussia on against America. Spain teases France for trying to pick up girls without him.
Spain enjoys flamenco, football, and bullfights. Sangria, churros, and paella are delicious. He declares he'll protect everyone he cares about no matter what and he offers to cheer up his friends.

The Flower Festival, Tomatina, and Running of the Bulls are important to him. He mentions taking a pilgrimage a la the Way of St. James, his patron saint.

Siestas are important! He relies on Romano to wake him up. The Sagrada Familia is still under construction.

He's pretty aware that his bosses are frustrated with him and that his economic situation isn't too good but he just wants to relax.

He's incredibly optimistic and proud.
He offers churros to Italy and he loves paella. The world is round like a tomato. Cured jamón serrano is the best ham in the world. He shows off his wine to France and tells Germany to smile more.

He appreciates the setting sun at dusk along with olives and tomatoes. Watching football at dinner time is entertaining. Dancing flamenco with wine in one hand is super.

Spain really likes food ok. He makes a full course meal and never lets a plate go empty.
In his right hand is love and in the left hand is a carnation! Harvest time is exciting. He forgot to take a siesta but he's still full of energy. He's grateful for the sun.

Hey, guys, there are other crops in Spain besides tomatoes… but tomatoes are the best.

Look at how cool Spain is with his food and music and guitar.

Barcelona is the art city. Madrid is full of life. Andalucia has blue skies and white towns and the best olives in the world. Running of the bulls is super.

Remember to smile and here's a special cheer up charm for everyone listening fusososo.