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Week 5, Saturday Night
( He'd promised they would speak after the trial and she probably didn't expect it to be so soon after but Spain insisted he was fine. Really! So let's go ahead and talk tonight (he promises they won't leave late).

After dinner, he'll guide her up to his room, shut the door behind them, and make a point of looking at the clock before going about the motions of being a host. He'll set the chairs up in the sitting area swiftly and pull out a chair for her,

Do you want something to drink?

( Because he can get that too right now. )
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Week 6, Monday
( As dinner comes to a close, Spain keeps an eye on Iceland. When Iceland leaves the room, Spain gets up and quickly follows after him. After getting his attention, the two go to Griffin Wing together. Once he closes the door behind them, Spain will go ahead and take out a chair for Iceland to sit at and will generally try to play some part of the host in this situation, )

... Do you want something to drink?
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Week 4, Monday
( After a romantic night of wine and chocolate and walks around the gardens under the starry skies or whatever cliche romantic activities they had planned, Spain escorted Austria to her room. It's pretty ironic if you consider the fact that escorting her to her room is what started their little scuffle last time but this time, it's important.

When she gets to her door, he leans in close and for a second, it might look like he's going to kiss her good night on the cheek but instead, he's whispers,

Can we talk for a moment?
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Week 3: Monday
( As promises, Kaoru brings Austria to his room some time in the afternoon. They don't have a lot of time to begin so when she arrives, he let's her in and will show her to her seat rather swiftly, )

Thanks for coming.
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( When Lithuania shows up again, Spain's face is planted in his pillow and there's a low, continuous, and miserable moaning coming from him. It's broken by the occasional muttering, )

I'm dying...!
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( When Poland shows up, Spain appears to be resting. He'll look up to see who his guest is and give an amused smile in greeting. When Poland closes the door behind him, however, Spain sits up straighter, giving his full attention to him, and the smile drops some. It isn't because he's unhappy or disappointed; rather, he just knows when to be a little more serious. )

It's been awhile.


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