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( When Lithuania shows up again, Spain's face is planted in his pillow and there's a low, continuous, and miserable moaning coming from him. It's broken by the occasional muttering, )

I'm dying...!
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( When Poland shows up, Spain appears to be resting. He'll look up to see who his guest is and give an amused smile in greeting. When Poland closes the door behind him, however, Spain sits up straighter, giving his full attention to him, and the smile drops some. It isn't because he's unhappy or disappointed; rather, he just knows when to be a little more serious. )

It's been awhile.
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( When Susan and Spain arrive at his room, Spain will stop just barely outside his room and ask, )

Would you close the door, please?
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( He never thought he would hope to receive a private visit from Lithuania, but here he is. As soon as Lithuania closes the door behind him, Spain gets to the point, )

Why would you give them that clue?
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( Normally he would offer drinks but he's pretty sure Yuzu is too young so he'll refrain for now. )

Okay, let's figure this out!

Seek out the story of the one
Born after aging an aeon
Whose childhood in seas ceased to be
Married with mirth and misery
And died before ever reaching infancy.
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( Sunday afternoon, after the incentives and lists have gone up, the nations meet.

The bed is unfixed and there are some clothes hanging around which gives it a cluttered appearance but otherwise, Spain's room in Emerald Wing doesn't appear to be in bad shape.

Closing the door behind them, he'll rush around the sitting area, tossing the clothes onto the bed and into the cabinet carelessly. He'll also leave the liquor cabinet open with several glasses on top. From the looks of it, he's been using it himself.

It only takes a few seconds for him to make his last minute preparations and then he cuts straight to the point.

We need to work together.


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el reino de españa (Antonio Fernandez-Carriedo)