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Warnings/Relavent info: Very affectionate. Near immortal. Higher stamina and enhanced recovery rates than normal humans. His existence and wellbeing are tied to his national identity and economics. Loss of national identity turns him mortal. His cheer up charm may or may not really work. Skilled with halberd, swords, and (presumably) guns.
IC → Affectionate
Backtagging: Yes. Hit me up if you want to continue a thread after it's been dropped or something.
Threadjacking: Generally okay unless it's a serious thread. Remember to ask the other parties if it might concern them too.
Fourth-walling: His history is literally an open book but I'd like to avoid serious things like "you're a character from an online comic!"
Hugging:Yes, but beware, he might hug you in return and he isn't very likely to let go.
Flirting: Yes, though, he's rather oblivious so it will all probably go over his head.
Kissing: Chaste or more intimate, yes. He'll almost certainly return the favor with hugs and kisses of his own.
Sex: I personally don't RP sex but if you want to go there, ask, and I can handwave it.
IC → violence
IC → other
Fighting: Verbal and physical altercations are fine. He's not one to sit back and take it though so expect him to retaliate.
Injuring: Minor injuries are fine. For more serious ones though, please contact me first!
Kiling: It's rather difficult to kill a nation if game mechanics aren't at work but if the situation should arise, please ask!
Mind reading. Yes. He's generally a cheerful and carefree person. He dislikes dwelling on negative or serious things. His thoughts really depend on the circumstances so if you want more details, hit me up.
Telepathy. It depends on the type of telepathy? Like, communicating and passive stuff like that is cool. But like, telepathic manipulation is something totally different and I'd like to be asked first.

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